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Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Solutions

In today’s volatile business environment, preparation is essential to survival. Advance documentation of individual and corporate roles and responsibilities in response to a catastrophic event is the key to recovering your business.

We at Leverity understand the current climate requires unique, comprehensive solutions. To develop your plan, we will help you identify risk exposures and strategies to address them by creating team structures and assigning the appropriate personnel to respond. When put in action, your risk management plan will:

  • Improve decision-making
  • Reduce lost time and lost profits
  • Keep critical elements of your business in operation
  • Analyze risk and mitigate dangers
  • Cover all major events and emergencies
  • Implement team responsibilities

Program Implementation

Together we can formulate a business continuation plan that specifies the internal and external resources needed for your business to recover from a catastrophic loss. Leverity Insurance Group will partner with you by providing ongoing assistance; consultation and service that will help you control your insurance expenses and promote workplace safety.

Safety Communications

Leverity Insurance Group, Inc. is committed to keeping you and your employees informed. Through our online services and Leverity Letters, we can provide you with payroll stuffers, workplace posters, ready-to-use employee newsletters and safety alerts designed to help you control and avoid work-related losses.

Our dedicated staff of professionals will also help you develop and implement safety programs to advance your safety culture to your entire workforce.

Risk Management Solutions

Value Added Services

  • Analysis of Possible Risks or Potential Hazards
  • Audit Verification and Review
  • Business Contingency Planning
  • Certificates/Evidence of Insurance
  • DOT Evaluation & Compliance
  • Federal & State Filings
  • Fleet Safety Programs
  • Industry Specific Tailored Safety Programs
  • Insurance Summaries for Auditors/Accountants
  • Loss Control Services
  • Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR’s)
  • Online OSHA Log Maintenance
  • OSHA Compliance & Workplace Safety
  • Review of Lease or Other Contractual Agreements
  • Review of Previous Losses & Loss Reports
  • Review of Rating Classifications
  • Review of Requirements for Subcontractors and Vendors
  • Safety Meetings
  • Scheduled Insurance Review Meetings
  • Workers’ Compensation Services

Claim Services

  • Claims Analysis
  • Loss Trending Analysis
  • Prompt Initial Reports
  • Rapid Claim Resolution
  • Review of Insurance Carrier Claim Reserve
  • Review of Status and Follow-Up
  • Your Advocate with Respect to Claims