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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Think for a moment about your current insurance provider. If you’re like most decision-makers, your first consideration when choosing a partner may be price. Or, if it’s your first time seeking an insurance partner, you may be relying on recommendations from friends or co-workers.

While cost and reputation are certainly important decision-making factors, we believe our company’s simple service philosophy sums it up best:

Leverage > Truth >> Solutions

We know that choosing the right insurance consultant can often be a difficult decision, especially when most companies seem to be saying all the same things. So here is what sets Leverity Insurance Group apart from the rest:

We provide valuable second opinions and superior service.

Excellence, integrity, reputation, and customer care are the foundations of our relationships with our clients. We don’t just say those words, we live them. Each day, our clients count on Leverity’s professional staff to provide the best insurance solutions at cost-effective prices. After all, we understand that without our clients, we wouldn’t be here today. As a Leverity client, you’ll receive personalized service from highly trained, formally educated professionals with years of experience. Our account managers have expertise in a wide variety of areas, which allows them to provide services specific to your needs.

At Leverity, keeping in contact with our clients is never a courtesy – it’s a necessity. We don’t wait for you to call us; rather, we contact our customers regularly to stay in touch.

Your business is our business.

By being good listeners and keeping open lines of communication with our clients, we are able to better service their changing needs. This enables us to anticipate and handle problems before they escalate. By making us an active and integral part of your team, we serve as your trusted support staff and advisor for your insurance needs.