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At first glance, the difference between homeowners insurance and renters insurance seems obvious. One is for people who own a home and one is for people who rent. There are, however, other large distinctions concerning the two. Homeowners insurance focuses first and foremost on rebuilding your home. Companies quote rates based on two factors: quality […]

Despite the common perception to the contrary, buying a second home isn’t only for the wealthy. Sometimes people buy a second home when they haven’t had success selling the first one, or for a vacation retreat, or to buy, fix up and sell at a profit, or to rent out. Two homes might be a […]

You may believe that you don’t need renters’ insurance. After all, if anything happens to the apartment, your property, or to your guests the landlord’s insurance will cover it, right? Wrong. Many damages that occur to people or property may not be covered by the landlord’s insurance, especially if you signed a lease that minimizes […]

When you’re a homeowner you need home insurance to protect your property and valuables. But did you know that there are ways to reduce your premiums and ensure your claims are paid? Learn these strategies to keep your property values up and your insurance premiums down. Preventative Maintenance Insurers price homeowner premiums according to the […]