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Automotive technology has grown dramatically in the last 10 years. Much of this technology is dedicated to enhancing the safety of operating a passenger vehicle. Collision avoidance technologies now abound in a variety of mass market vehicles. The most reliable thus far has proven to be front crash prevention. These systems manifest fewer crash-related insurance claims, […]

Regulatory standards are often based upon the size of an organization. In the case of PPACA, there are two primary groups with significantly distinct compliance rules and regulations – large employers, and smaller employers. Large employers as per the Affordable Care Act are termed ALEs, or Applicable Large Employers, and can face severe fines and […]

Many business obtain liability insurance to cover various issues. At a law firm or an engineering firm, professional liability insurance is crucial. At a therapist’s office or a dental clinic, it’s called medical malpractice. Restauranteurs are obviously concerned about liability protection against employee injuries and food safety issues. But most businesses overlook the unifying liability […]

Leverity Insurance Group, a leading independent, multi-line insurance agency for both corporate and personal clients, has launched a new Responsive Design Website, providing valuable and timely information about risk management solutions. The website is compatible with all mobile devices and platforms, allowing clients to easily access the website on any device, from anywhere, at any […]